On the Ropes No 15 with Charlie Lucas

Great news for Boxing Fans in and around Canberra, there will be a terrific Promotion by Nick Boutzos on November 12Th at the Pan-Hellenic Club of Canberra. The top of the bill will feature the well credentialed former Amateur and unbeaten Professional David Toussaint in with the very experienced Nader Hamdan who has a wealth of experience all around the World. Hamdan has Boxed in many Countries including Germany, Croata, Canada and the USA. This will be a great test for Toussaint and I expect there will be a big crowd, those interested I recommend you get your ticket early.

There is talk of a Pro/Am Boxing Promotion at Sydney’s Shark Park in December this year, the Amatuers will consist of a round robin type tournament with winners fighting over a reduced number of rounds. This will be local Rugby League Teams from the Shire against other Club Members. This will be the first Boxing Promotion at this venue since December 1970, in those days the venue was known as Endeavour Field. The top of the Bill in 1970 was fought by Garry Dean who is now a leading Referee in Australia, he won over Roger Carroll and became the NSW Bantamweight Champion. On the first Scheduled evening due to poor weather the Bout was postponed then on the next Friday night poor weather caused another postponement. When the Bout finally took place on the Sunday of that weekend Garry won the NSW Bantamweight title from the well performed Roger Carroll. I do hope the weather does not interfere on this upcoming occasion and wish Promoter Ryan Waters all this best for this one. I look forward to it being a good Promotion and will keep readers updated.

Ben Edwards, former ANBF Heavyweight Champion Boxed on a Charity Promotion in Canberra last weekend. I am told Ben has not visited a Gym for some time by the way he looked, however he must be congratulated for assisting with a Charity Promotion. He has a good name and I am sure the people involved would have appreciated his assistance.

A UFC Boxer/Fighter has been banned for having a prior Criminal Record. I am fascinated by this type of Report in Sydney Newspapers in recent times, where a Boxer or in this case a UFC Fighter is unable to compete in NSW because of previous criminal activity? Be it many years ago and when time has been served for the misdemeanour.   In all the articles I have read the blame for this is laid squarely on the shoulders of the NSW Government Combat Sports Authority, well I have it on reliable information that it is really the Police Force who call the halt to issuing a Licence. When anyone applies for a Licence before it is issued then the Police must do a check and if they say no then the Licence is not issued. After some recent refusals I believe that there has been changing of the decision after people appeal.

I wonder about the lack of support and fan base for some of our well performed Boxers, when I read that even though they have had respectable wins overseas they have difficulty in getting mentioned in Newspapers etc. I can recall a leading and very experienced Sydney Trainer who told me he informs his Boxers to grab with both hands any opportunity for good publicity, as the window is only open for a short time. Now in my opinion this has to work both ways, so if a Boxer is on the way up and is not very well known, then when invited to a Function where you are to be honoured then please take the opportunity. People understand if you are busy Training or are close to a Bout, however be up front and explain the reason, don’t just not turn up. All this does is create a poor impression and lessens the chance of being invited in the future.

In recent times there has been some discussion about the amount of money Boxing Ring Officials are paid for their participation in our great Sport. Many would know I have worked as an Official for many years and therefore have gotten to know many from all over Australia and some from around the World. The majority of Officials I know feel honoured to be involved, as I do and would, if necessary work for nothing. Prior to my involvement as an Official I assisted with and Old Time Trainer Andy Whittet this involved Gym, travel, and assist in the Corner all for nothing, again I felt it was an honour to be involved. I am therefore puzzled by the talk that Officials are worth more money? A point made to me by the World Class and in my opinion best Aussie Referee for many decades, Billy Males, is that the Promoter has to pay Officials whether he has sold out or draws only a few Fans. I agree with Billy. In fact, I am able to recall an evening in Sydney on a Bill Mordey Promotion where I Refereed Guy Waters V Peter Kinsella and the crowd numbered less than 30 paying Fans, we were paid our Government regulated Fee, of course.

From what I can gather it looks as if Boxing will pick up toward the end of the year, I am told there will be 2 Promotions in Tasmania before years’ end. This has to be a positive.

I can remember the day when Boxers were gloved in the Ring, it seemed to add to the drama, his disappeared when TV Boxing became popular, to save precious time the Boxers were required to be gloved in the dressing rooms. This is now the norm and I doubt if we will ever go back to gloving in the Ring.

Newcastle Veteran Boxers Dinner, as usual this was a very good Dinner, held in the Newcastle Rugby League Club with a special guest Speaker in Ken Salsibury. He originally was born and raised in Liverpool England where he began Boxing having realised he was not a Footballer (Soccer Player) Ken began Boxing. He migrated to Sydney and linked up with Trainer, Manager and Promoter the late Bernie Hall and progressed to the Vacant Commonwealth Super Welterweight Title which he won from Nelson Bosso in 1985, he was already the Australian National Champion at this weight. In 1982 Ken boxed at the Sydney Opera House defending his Aussie Title against Alex Temelkov, many will remember this turned into a mini riot when after some foul shots Ken’s corner intervened and it was on or young and old. The Referee on this occasion was former World Rated Middleweight Charkey Ramon (Dave Ballard), not one to be intimidated Charkey became involved in the melee and finally declared Salisbury the winner. He eventually went to England to defend the Commonwealth Title against Nick Wilshire where he lost on a cut eye in the 2nd round.  There was some question about this ruling however it is registered as Kens only loss in a 32 Bout Career. An interesting side light to the talk was the fact that after Salisbury had defeated Boso who came from Tanzania he was shown around Sydney by many folk including many Boxing people and found it surprising that he, a black man, was accepted everywhere they went, Clubs, Hotels Restaurants etc. This is a positive to our great way of life and acceptance of others in my opinion. Also at the Newcastle Dinner were Charkey Ramon, Charley Brown, Binky Rominski, Freddie Wicks, Simon Patterson as well as the great Former Amateur Boxer Brian Tink, from Dubbo, who participated in more than 200 Bouts. There were many other former greats in the large audiences as well.

I had the pleasure of sitting with Australian National Boxing Federation President John McDougall as well as former ANBF Bantamweight Champion Billy Males, I count Billy as one of my best Mates and my mentor in Refereeing Boxing, his Brother Danny went to the Rome Olympics in 1960 and when he came home he told Billy how impressed he had been of a Light Heavyweight named Cassius Clay. At those Olympics there were many impressive Boxers including Tony Madigan, Sid Prior, Rocky Gatterlari and of course Danny Males.

Upcoming ANBF Title Fights are listed below.

  1. ANBF Super Middleweight Title. Faris Chevakier V Reece Papuni.

Venue; Mansfield Tavern. Brisbane.

  1. Vacant ANBF Super Bantamweight Title Jarrett Owen V Brad Hore.

Fortitude Stadium. Brisbane.


See you next Round.


Charlie Lucas.

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