Lauryn Eagle Australian Champion

Lauryn Eagle scored a narrow victory over Queenslander Lee Dittmar for the vacant Australian Super Featherweight Title at the Emporium Function Centre at Bankston, NSW on Friday 3 June 2016.

It was over 8 rounds and was the fight of the night with Dittmar the better boxer but Eagle the heavier puncher. Eagle decked Dittmar in the first and last round however judges scored the fight as follows, 79-71, 77-74 and 77-75.

Without doubt it ranked as one of the best contest between female boxers that I have seen either live or on TV. Dittmar used a long left hand to advantage while Lauren got up close to do her best work connecting solidly with her right hand on many occasions.

At the weigh in, we asked Lee if she was any relation to the late, great Len Dittmar, a former Australian Champion. She advised that he was her grandfather and we had this announced in the introductions. On arriving home after the weigh in I scoured my files to come up with an autographed photo of Len, given to me by him in the late 40’s or early 50’s. I copied it off for her including the nicely worded autograph on the back. Lee was very grateful and it was pleasure to have supervised the contest.

After the contest I went to her dressing room to congratulate and commiserate with her. Her trainer, together with lee expressed their thanks for all concerned with her contest and treatment in NSW and by the ANBF. After a recovery period the possibility of a challenge to Eagle for a return was spoken of.

It was great to supervise this bout between two great sports persons including Lauryn, who fought her heart out and was generous and humble in an interview after being crowned the winner, adding to her previous honours in the ring.

It would be great for the fans and the girls if bouts between them and others of similar experience could be brought in as fans loved this contest and I am sure would flock to see them in action again.

For the record, Len Dittmar fought all of our best and several good importations in his days and despite being knocked down twice early in a contest for the vacant Australian welterweight title against a come backing Tommy Burns, Len got up and proceeded to box his way to victory and the title over 15 rounds.

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