On the Ropes No 16 with Charlie Lucas

News Flash, last night in Davenport Tasmania, well respected Sydney Boxer Renold Quinlan stopped former 3-time World Champion Daniel Geale in 2 rounds. What a good Victory for the Sydney based Boxer.

I feel this could be a boost for NSW Boxing, Tim Tszyu is preparing to turn to the Professional Boxing Ranks. Tim has boxed with much success in the Amateur Ranks winning just over 30 Bouts with 1 loss. I know he has a strong Team behind him including of course his Famous Father Kostya. I expect he will have much pressure on him early as Fans compare him to his Dad, however he is a decent hard working Boxer and I wish him every success for the future to make a name for himself in his own way.

I attended an interesting Promotion at St Claire Leisure Centre near Penrith Sydney last week, the Promoter was Hanna Nasari assisted by Paul Nasari and as one expected this was a well matched well run Promotion. The was 2 former Amateurs making their Pro Debut, Billy McNaughton who won in round 1 while the strongly supported Satali Tevi Fuimaono won on points over 4 rounds.

Undisputed World Middleweight Champion Gennedy Govoklin or triple G as they call him made short work of his much Media pumped opponent Kell Brooks who in fact was Boxing out of his Weight Division by 2 levels. Brooks usually Boxes at Welter, however for the money on offer and the chance to be recognised much more widely for a win I can understand why he took this one. Going into the Bout Brooks was 36-0 while Golovkin was 35-0. Brooks was withdrawn by his corner due to an injured eye socket his Trainer by the way is Dominic Ingle, Son of the famous Brendon Ingle so Boxing remains in the Family. I noticed a former World Champion at Ringside Prince Naseem Hamid who looks very relaxed and content in retirement. The British certainly know how to present a big Boxing Promotion.

In a recent column I suggested that the NSW Combat Sports Authority were causing some problems with their Weigh-Inn procedure, where a Sydney Boxer had to weigh at a private home late at night due to his overseas opponent being delayed on a flight. I have since been in contact with the Authority and have been informed that this problem has been solved. This had been discussed at a Meeting and from now on: Arrival of International Combatants.        Promoters must ensure that any International Combatant listed on the fight card arrives not less than 48 hours prior to the proposed contest unless a shorter period is approved by the CSA. The Promoter must provide evidence of the scheduled arrival for the combatant on request. I see this as a positive for Boxers and for our Great Sport. I am aware that this presents an increase in cost for Promoters, however with the increase perhaps we may see an improvement in the standard of Boxing with a better standard of Imports.

Like many Boxing people I often watch Promotions from other Countries and I was watching a Promotion from San Antonio Texas where 2 USA Resident Boxers were matched their records 11-0 and 10-0 something we don’t often see in Australia. I regularly hear that Aussie Boxers won’t fight other Aussie boxers, so Matchmakers/Promoters import Asian Boxer who sometimes are 6-17. I would much rather see an evenly matched Bout rather than a one-sided Bout and I think many others would agree. One strange thing I detected in the commentary of this Promotion was that a Boxer was knocked down and the Referee looked to the Timekeeper who had not begun to count therefore the Ref ruled it had been a slip. To those who are aware this is totally incorrect, however like many one does get accustomed to Commentators from all Countries being incorrect. On the subject of Referees, I have some advice for Boxers, during the action, don’t look at or advise the Ref of what your opponent is doing wrong, the Referee is there in close proximity and can see what is happening.

I always have an enjoyable night at a Billy Hussein Promotion, which I went to recently at Bankstown recently. Billy is a diligent Trainer and Promotes on a regular basis on this occasion he had newly crowned Australian National Boxing Federation Champion Lauryn Eagle on the bill as well as undefeated Youssef Dib. The Main was showing once again the well-respected Dylan Emry. During the night I had a good chat to Trainer, Promoter and general helper Tom Lambert he is a wealth of knowledge and is always available to offer advice to anyone who is thinking of Matching their Boxers or Promoting.

I was chatting last night to good Boxing people and recalled an amusing story from my many fascinating experiences as a Cabin Crew Member for a long time with an International Airline. I often gave special attention to anyone from the Boxing World, I always ensured they had a comfortable journey. I told a story about a now famous Sydney based Boxer who was on his was to Los Angeles for what turned out to be a long USA contract. While assisting the Crew in Business Class I asked the Boxer what he would like for dessert, he chose the Cheese Cake, before serving I asked what weight are you boxing at 3 days after you arrive in Los Angeles? He said Super Middleweight, I said, and I was joking, if you don’t make the weight 76.2Kg I will tell your Trainer, he immediately changed his mind and ate an apple. He went on to do very well for himself in America so in some small way I hope I assisted.

Brock Jarvis has just had another Bout in Bangkok. It is very difficult to get a lighter weight Boxer as an opponent in Australia. I am told he had a first Round KO win This Boxer is one to watch, having not seen him in action I rely on information from others.

Now that the RIO Olympics are over I felt I may reflect on the past. When the 1956 Olympics were held in Melbourne we sent 9 Representatives for Boxing, including some who were to go on to become household names in Australia and around the World. I find this interesting, when the Melbourne Olympics were on the only Australian qualified to Judge Boxing was Colin Hinton, the father of former Trainer Manny Hinton. Col was a boy from the bush, Molong, and had for many years dreamed about going to an Olympics Games. I believe Colin had a big Family 7 Boys and 2 Girls, one of his boys was Eric Hinton who Boxed an English import named Arthur Kelly in a Main Event at Sydney’s famous Rushcutters Bay Stadium. When one looks at the 1960 Rome Olympics we sent 10 Boxing reps this included Tony Madigan, Des Duquid, Sid Prior, Danny Males, Ollie Taylor and Rocky Gattellari. When we look at the list one can certainly see the decline in Boxing over many years, for Rio I believe we sent 3 Boxers only, how times have changed.

The NSW Veteran Boxers Association will once again be holding their annual Lunch at Club Ashfield on Saturday November 5Th, this is always held on the Saturday following the running of the Melbourne Cup which is a good way of remembering the day. The event is open to all interested people whether you have been involved in our Sport, a Fan or simply interested, I can assure everybody that it is a great Lunch and very interesting.   On this occasion one of the special guests will be Jeff Hitman Harding, as well as WBA Heavyweight Champion Lucas Browne, both will be happy to talk and have photos taken. For all information regarding this great Lunch please contact Lew Jackson on 89190163.


See you next Round

Charlie Lucas.

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