On the Ropes No 17 with Charlie Lucas

As activity, has picked up the Horden Pavillion Promotion by Matt Rose produced a new Australian Super Lightweight Champion in the hard punching Kye MacKenzie. This Boxer has fought at much lighter weights in the past and due to matching problems, his Trainer well known Sydney man Lincoln Hudson took this one at a heavier weight. His Boxer was equal to the challenge and stopped the previously unbeaten Dylan Emery in round 4. I believe Matt Rose will be Promoting more regularly in 2017 and we all look forward to that I am sure.

I have mentioned often this year how quiet it has been for Boxing Promotions, then to end a very inactive year we are sort of very busy in December. There has been scheduled Promotions at North Sydney Leagues Club, the Horden Pavilion, Doyalson RSL, Luna Park, Bankstown Function Centre, Moore Park and also Shark Park. At this point in time we still have Billy Hussein’s Promotion at the Bankstown Function Centre on Friday December 16, followed by the beginning of Tim Stzyu’s Professional Career in a Hall at the Sydney Cricket Ground and to finish the year we have the Paul Gallen bout at Shark Park on December 23. The Gallen Bout will be supported by some Football Boxers from the Shire as well as Jack Brubaker in a 6 rounder and also Ryan Waters.

One weekend in Australian Boxing in November and we finish with 2 Commonwealth Titles. This is quite an achievement when one considers the number of Boxers in the Commonwealth. On November 25 Zac Dunn was successful in Melbourne to win the Super Middleweight Commonwealth Title, while in Toowoomba Queensland Kris George won the Commonwealth Welterweight Title.

At the NSW Veteran Boxer’s Lunch an Amateur Boxer who was nominated as prospect of the year   Kobie Duncan spoke very well considering his age, and who was in the room. Which was full of many impressive former Boxers and this young fellow stood and outlined how his life had got on track in the right direction due to him getting involved in Boxing. He mentioned his trainer and our Sport glowingly. For anyone who may be interested this Lunch is held on the Saturday after the Melbourne Cup every year, for those who may be interested the man to talk to is Lew Jackson (89190163) This year as well as the usual former warriors we had former two time WBC Light Heavyweight Champion Jeff Harding, current WBA Heavyweight Lucas Browne, and former World Rated Heavyweight Boxer Kali Meehan who is currently working his way into what can only be described as a creditable Commentary Career on Foxtel.

Hannah and Paul Nasari held another successful Promotion on a Sunday afternoon recently. As we have grown to expect the majority of Bouts were well and evenly matched. It was great to see some new talent with Boxers having their first Professional Bout. On top of the Bill we saw Sydney Boxer Bilal Akkay in against Queenslander Kerry Hope. This was a tremendous all action contest until during round 7 Hope suffered what appeared to be a broken jaw, this had been a tremendous tussle and I feel Akkay will be better for the experience. One thing I noticed during the afternoon was a Trainer working a corner unassisted, I feel this is not on and wonder why one of the many Industry people who were in attendance did not offer to assist? I know that this would not happen in the UK as the control Board always appoint one independent second for each corner for every Promotion. Surely to be working one out is not good for anyone involved.

Many years ago, we had involved in Boxing a Catholic Priest, he was a competent Trainer and a very good person as you would expect. When I first Refereed a bout with one of his Boxers I was not aware of his calling and as usual when talking to him between rounds I swore many times. I was later told of him being a Priest, and felt I should go and apologise, however someone then informed he had previously been a Merchant Seaman, I did not apologise after learning that as I am sure he would have heard worse than my bad language in his other Career.

Well finally we have it! There will be a Rematch between Danny Green V Anthony Mundine. This long waited for event will be in February 2017, I am convinced we will hear and see plenty about the Bout to be held at Adelaide Oval in South Australia. It has been some time since this State has held a big Boxing event of this magnitude, however I am sure there is enough experienced Boxing people in the South Australian State to be able to handle this one.

I have mentioned this before I know, so I don’t want to go on about it too much, however a message for all Professional Boxers and Industry Participants, if you are invited to a Function, be it a Charity Fund Raiser or a Business Function and you agree to go please attend. If a problem comes up unexpectedly and you cannot go, please contact the Organiser. This is so simple to do these days with Mobiles etc. I feel our Sport has enough poor publicity as it is without some adding to it.

Simply by accident I caught up with Jeff Horn’s recent Bout live on Foxtel this week, he had a powerful win over a highly-ranked Argentinian which hopefully will take him to the No2 spot in the IBF Ratings. I am puzzled that I only found this by flicking and when I discovered the Promotion I contacted several other Boxing folk who were unaware of the Promotion. I wonder if it is possible to have a system where all Australia wide Boxing could be made Public? I would be happy to receive an email or Text to inform me of upcoming Promotions and would happily view. Since that Bout Horne has registered another impressive win on the Joseph Parker Undercard. He stopped a well credentialed African Boxer Ali Funeka this was a most impressive performance. On top of that bill we saw Joseph Parker win against Ruiz.

As we approach the end of what can only describe as a very quiet year for Professional Boxing in Australia I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. I continue to hear about many well performed Amateurs who are in the process of turning to the Professional Ranks, if all comes true we look like having an interesting future. I am also encouraged by the enquiries I receive from Officials wishing to step into the Professional Boxing business. I always explain that at the moment there is not a great deal of activity, however I remain positive about the future.

As I mentioned this has been quiet, however with Christmas approaching I continue to hear about several Promotions.

In December there is a cracker of a Promotion at Luna Park Sydney on top of a very good bill was Brandon Olgilvie V George Kambosis . With Kambosis being declared winner on points after a very good bout.

Paul Nasari had a good Sunday afternoon Promotion on the 4th December with the ANBF Lightweight Title between Issaka Issah V Brendon Saunders. We have grown to expect very good Promotions from Paul and Hannah Nasari. The Lightweight Title Bout turned out to be a cracker with Issah taking control from the outset, however Saunders was able to sting his opponent in the first round which indicated what was to come and then he took control winning with a stoppage in round 3. This was a great effort from a determined, gusty Boxer who going into the Bout he was not considered to win.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all interested a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year.


See you next round.

Charlie Lucas.

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