On the Ropes No 18 with Charlie Lucas

I hear the sales for the Bout between Anthony Mundine vs. Danny Green are going well. From what I am told this will be a huge event in Adelaide and a good push for the travel Industry. This has to be great exposure for Boxing in general to have 2 Former World Champions finally settle their differences. This will be held at the famous Adelaide Oval and will be a big boost for our Sport in South Australia as well as the remainder of the country. I recently read that well-known Sydney trainer David Birchell is assisting Green in his preparation for this one, while Mundine has spent much time in Brisbane as he prepares for the big one. I am interested to learn at what weight these two will come in at on this occasion.

This appears to be developing into a year for large Promotions in Australia, we are now being told that there is a good chance that the well-known World Champion, Manny Pacquiao, may be coming to our shores to Defend against the unbeaten Queensland Welterweight Jeff “The Hornett’ Horn. Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium has already been booked for April 23, however other State Governments are now showing interest and this may go to a bidding war. Wherever this bout finishes I feel certain it will be positive for our great Sport and prove much interest to fans.

I of course watch as much Boxing on TV as I am able to. I often see Promotions from Australia a few weeks after the event and I am intrigued to see Officials wearing open neck T Shirts? I’m the first to admit that I am a fair bit old fashioned, however I do like to see all Officials wearing a shirt with collar and a Bow tie. I also notice wine glasses at ringside, at some Promotions it looks as if there are guests sitting at ringside eating a meal and they have wine glasses filled with wine, this is hard up against the ring, where Officials sit. I think this is dangerous particularly if a Boxer should tumble out of the Ring. I know I am not a Promoter, this is my opinion.

During the quiet period over the Christmas break I often ponder events that have happened to me during my long time in our great Sport of Boxing. One I would like to pass on is a Promotion I was Refereeing in Thailand some years ago, the late Jack Rennie a terrific Boxing man was in control of the then growing World Boxing Federation and Jack and I travelled around Asia on many occasions. At one Promotion in Thailand the World Champion was a Thai and he was in with a Mexican import who turned out to be very talented, this seemed to upset the Champion so he constantly held and punched trying in my mind to put his opponent off his game. I went to the Champion’s corner after a few rounds to tell them I was unhappy with their Boxer ignoring my instructions and was loudly told “no English” so in the following round when he infringed again, I took a point off him, bear in mind this was in front of over 20,000 screaming Thai Fans. When the round ended the Champion’s, corner called me over and said in perfect English “sorry Ref it won’t happen again “they must have had a quick lesson in English. The result was the Thai settled into his work pattern and KOed his opponent a couple of rounds later.

After a busy December, we are now in the quiet of January. I have a feeling this is going to be a good year. To finish the year in NSW we had an interesting Promotion at Shark Park in the Shire in Sydney. This is the home ground of Premiership winning Rugby League Team Cronulla Sharks. This was not a night for Boxing Purists, however my view is that Boxing in general needs to be before the public eye and that is what this turned out to be, with local Rugby League Team Members boxing each other for 1 round in groups of 3 with the eventual Team winning a significant amount of money for their Club. Throughout the night, we had spread Professional Boxing Bouts so the crowd were exposed to genuine Boxing as well as their club tag team Boxing. A good crowd was in attendance and I hope we get some real Boxing Fans from this. Local Cronulla Sharks Captain and Shire hero was in the Main Event of Professional Boxing and disposed of his opponent Ryan Carr-Ketu in round 4.

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