On the Ropes No 19 with Charlie Lucas

We are off to a good start to Boxing in 2017, after the huge success of the Mundine V Green bout in Adelaide. Recently we witnessed the Defence by Aussie Reynold Quinlan of his IBO super middleweight title, which he took off Daniel Geale. This was his first Defence and was held in the London Pavilion on Sunday our time. This came free to air for those who have Foxtel. Anyone will tell you it is a long distance to travel to London even for a Holiday, let alone go to box over 12 rounds. However, nobody could ever question the courage and heart of Quinlan as he continued to fight on even though he was getting beaten in most rounds by well performed and unbeaten English Boxer Chris Eubank Jnr. The Bout was stopped by World Class Referee Howard Foster in round 10. I noticed NSW veteran Official Garry Dean was one of the Judges, good appointment Garry.

Everybody would remember the father of the victor Chris Eubank and his many distracting and unusual tactics when he was Boxing. I couldn’t help but notice how well the British Boxing Promotions are run, I know this was a big Promotion and much money available, however there was Security everywhere in the crowd and at each corner there is a Security person looking out into the crowd to prevent any ring invasion, when the Bout has concluded there is then a limited number of people permitted into the Ring. The Matchmaking was very good and the bouts were even, in my experience the British Boxing Board of Control appoint a Second to each corner to work all bouts, this would prevent a problem which happens in Australia where we often see visiting Boxers being looked after by one only Cornerman. I am aware that all this is an extra expense but it seems to work OK and they seem to have few problems in the Old Country as far as Boxing goes these days.

Mundine V Green this was a Defence of Danny Green’s Australian National Boxing Federation Cruiserweight Title, and was held on the same weekend as the London Promotion. After much controversy during the lead up to the Bout and in my mind much hype and to some extent things I found difficult to believe the Promotion at Adelaide Oval in South Australia was a huge success. The bout showed that you just never know what an outcome will be in the Sport of Boxing. The interest in our Sport was immense and I do hope that we get some genuine Boxing Fans or Boxing participants as a result. I am sure most people would know that Green won on points with points being deducted from both Boxers at various times during the Bout. I have heard in days since the Promotion talk of a THIRD decider as we are now at one win each with Mundine winning the first one some 10 or more years ago, I do not wish to comment as I think it best to wait and see how these two strong athletes, both aged over 40 years of age recover from the latest strength sapping Bout. On the Undercard we saw budding Professional Tim Zstyu have his second win in the Professional Ranks.

In recent times, former Champion Boxer, Champion person and World Title Challenger Troy Waters has been unwell suffering from a rare form of Leukaemia; however, I attended a Fund Raiser for Troy recently and he is looking really well following strong Chemo treatment. Troy was on hand to talk about his brilliant Career I am told he is having checks every 6 weeks and hopefully this will be reduced during 2017. Troy is one of the 3 Waters Boys who held Australian titles as Amateurs and Professionals.

I have always found it in a way amusing that when going into a dressing room as a Referee to talk to a Participant the Trainer of a Boxer only ever wants to tell the you all the mistakes and dirty moves the opponent gets up to. I have never heard of any tricks their own Boxer will try, I wonder why?

I consider myself to be very lucky and always enjoy a great time in our Sport, one thing I sometimes recall is the occasions when I am in a stirring mood. I have been fortunate to be appointed to many Official positions in many countries and must have been in a stirring mood when at a Dinner in

Germany. I was sitting with New York based Referee the late Wayne Kelly. We were asked if an American World Famous Ring Announcer could join us as we all spoke English. When introduced the Ring, Announcer introduced himself as “Michael” I said Michael who? He then told me his full name as I told him my full name. The Referee was so surprised he said to me quietly didn’t you know who he was? I answered yes, I am just a Stirrer. The evening progressed and it turned out that Michael was a good interesting bloke who has an extensive knowledge of our Sport, he even mentioned the great Jimmy Carruthers and was aware of his impressive record.

This information should interest Promoters. The NSW Combat Sports are required to inform the Local Area Police Commander of who is on their Boxing Promotion. This follows a Promotion in the Surry Hills area prior to Christmas 2016. A licensed NSW Professional boxer was not permitted to Box on a Saturday Promotion due to the Local Area Commander withdrawing permission. Then on the following Friday evening he was permitted to Box on a Promotion in the Cronulla area, I have been in contact to question this and was told in a polite explanation that this is covered by a section of the Combat Sports Act. My advice to any Promoter in NSW would be to inform the LAC of police well in advance of your Promotion to avoid the embarrassment of having a well-supported Boxer withdrawn due to the Police permission being denied.

Many people are aware I am a good Mate of former WBC World Light/Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hitman Harding. Well it appears as if the good blood lines have carried through to his siblings. Jeff has identical twin daughters who are very proficient Athletes. The young ladies have already competed in the Junior Olympics in Suva recently and did very well in middle distance races. The information is that if their great form continues there is a strong chance for them both to go to the Commonwealth Games to be held on the Gold Coast in 2018. I certainly hope this comes to fruition and I am sure Jeff will be there to cheer the young ladies on in their races.

See you next round.

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