Become a Champion

The ANBF is committed to assisting boxers competing in Australian to reach their potential and support them to achieve their goals. Becoming an elite professional boxer takes time, dedication and requires commitment to study and master the sweet science. Becoming a champion does not happen over night and requires years of preparation and training.

The ANBF suggests the following pathway to enable an aspiring champion progress slowly increasing the standard of competition to be faced.

WBC World Title

Commonwealth Champion          OPBF Champion

ANBF Australasian Champion

ANBF Australian Champion

ANBF State Champion

Once a professional boxer has established themselves as an Australian Champion or as one of the best boxers in their respective division, the ANBF can recommend those elite Australian Professional Boxers for ratings with affiliated regional and world organisations.


Please contact the ANBF if you require further assistance and support to become a champion