People & Boxing

People have been placing wagers on boxing matches for close to five centuries now! However, if recent attendances and wagers are anything to go by, the game is a long way from slowing down. With more people expressing an interest in getting in on the action, bookies have become more aggressive with their markets and campaigns. Now, all you need to do to place a bet on a boxing match is to log into a site, place your wager, and hope for the best. But we all know that wagering is not as simple as relying on luck. Instead, it would help if you backed your faith with a little more action. So, how do you do this?

Boxing Match Bets

The first thing to understand with boxing is what the match entails. Do you see how soccer fans can tell you what offside is and how it affects a score? That is how vigilant you should be with boxing. If you understand the game, then you will have an easier time placing bets. We will not get into the weights and visions you must master to place a winning bet. Instead, we will focus on the common boxing bets, which include:

The Number of Rounds

How about betting on how long you think the boxers will remain in the ring? Suppose a title has 12 rounds; a bookie might give you a bet of 8.5. Such a bet would have odds like:

  • Over 8.5
  • Under 8.5

8.5 is the basis, and you can bet above or beneath it. For example, if you believe that the rounds will be more than eight rounds, you place a bet of over 8.5. It is likely to have a bigger payout because it does not require you to choose an outright winner.

The Outright Winner

Many people go for this option because of its simplicity. For example, boxer A and boxer B are in the ring. After your calculations, you figure that boxer A has the upper hand, and you bet in their favor. See? Easy! However, this method has some downsides. If the players have similar or close chances of winning, the game can go either way. Besides, the payout may not be as lucrative. Therefore, it is better to save such a bet for a big game with a clear favorite.

In such a case, the odds would look like this:

  • Boxer A -160
  • Boxer B +130

The Winning Method

How about choosing how the outright winner will win? Do you think it will be by decision, or will a knockout end the game? Most bookies provide odds for this to make the match even more exciting. For example, you can decide that boxer A will beat boxer B, and the game will end in a knockout. If you win, you are likely to make away with a big payout.

Such an odd would look like:

  • Boxer A by KO +120

The Winning Group of Rounds

Suppose a boxer starts fast and often finishes their opponents within the first few rounds; you can choose rounds 1-3 or 4-6. However, if a boxer takes their time and often wins as the rounds progress, rounds 4-6 and 7-9 might be a better option.

Did you know? You can also back a boxer to win within a specific round, e.g., round 3. Of course, this is a tough call. But if you get it right, you are likely to win big.

So, how can you win in boxing betting?

There is nothing much different between boxing and other sports. Therefore, you must start by learning how boxing works. When you understand the rules of the game, you are halfway towards placing a winning bet. After that, the rest of the work comes down to:

  • Researching: You must investigate the boxer you want to back. Are they a boxer or a puncher? How have they faired in their last few matches? How strong are they, and are they physically capable of beating their opponent?
  • Strategizing: Without a clear plan, you will likely fail and finish your bankroll in no time. You must understand how much time you want to dedicate to playing, how much money you can afford to lose and how invested you want to be.

You are unlikely to win your first few bets. Be ready to lose a lot more often as you gain footing in the game. Most importantly, do not chase bets. All the best!