Anthony Joshua

Why Joshua? Why not?

Bookies have realized that by partnering with some of the best athletes, they increase their following and get even better wagers from punters. Most punters are willing to put their money where their mouths are as far as their favorite players are concerned. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that William Hill has thrown its hat into the ring and sponsored Anthony Joshua. Anthony is not new to the world of boxing. If anything, this sponsorship has been a long time coming, and one set to propel both his career and William Hill’s standing.

So, how did it all start? William Hill did not start with the 12-month advertising campaign they have handed this British boxer. Their relationship began when William Hill got into a promotional deal with Joshua through Matchroom. The deal was so successful that the bookie could not hold back on contacting Joshua again. After all, he is in his prime and has proven that he has set his sights on going far. Thus, William Hill, a bookie with solid roots in the UK that wants to venture into the US, could do with his help. Joshua will remain with Matchroom Boxing while participating in William Hill’s social media activities.

Why Joshua? The answer to this would be, why not? Joshua already has a big name for himself and currently ranks as one of the most marketable athletes worldwide. He has worked with brands like Beats by Dre, Lucozade and Under Armour, and is no stranger to marketing. Moreover, his analytics beat those of even famous players like Stephen Curry, making him the ideal choice for a bookie who wishes to grow. Besides his love for the game, Joshua also serves as inspiration to young athletes, fans, and people worldwide. His openness about wanting to surpass Floyd Mayweather’s winnings have shown his ambition. His story on getting into boxing further warms people’s hearts. According to Joshua, playing was one of the ways he stayed out of a life of crime and violence. Now, he seeks to be a billionaire. What better way to start than by partnering with a bookie in a lucrative deal?

Of course, William Hill stands to gain a lot from this partnership. With Joshua having already made it to the 100 most influential Black Britons in 2021, his star keeps getting brighter. As a global brand ambassador, he fits the role perfectly by bringing in just the right energy to propel this bookie into a wider audience reach. Joshua added that the partnership made sense to him. On one side, he is a leading athlete whose achievements pile by the year. On the other side is a bookie that has excelled for decades on end. So, what do you get when you put two leaders in the same room other than success?

Joshua also added that the team at William Hill impressed him, encouraging him to consider the partnership. The 31-year-old heavyweight currently has 25 wins to his name, 22 of which have ended in knockouts. Having suffered one loss, he could well be on his way to being one of the biggest champions of his time.